What these seats have seen

The Grand Theatre is replacing the old seats after a lifetime of amazing service.

The curtain starts to rise. The lights drop. The smell of popcorn hangs in the air. The crowd buzzes with excitement. The show is about to begin and, for over 80 years, there’s nowhere that does movies better than the Grand Theatre.

Since 2005, our volunteer run theatre has lived up to the title “Nebraska’s Finest Theatre”. But after years of service, thousands of movies and millions of kernels of popcorn consumed, the Grand is in need of a refresh.

That’s where you come in.

During our “What These Seats Have Seen” campaign, the Grand is asking for your donation to raise funds to shine up our jewel of a theatre. We are hoping to raise $500,000.00 to make the following improvements:

  • Replace our 1930’s era seats (which were installed in the early 90s) that are worn and broken.
  • Upgrade the sound system with state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically for our theatre.
  • Upgrade our accessibility so more people can access and enjoy the show.
  • ïImprove lighting to make the experience even better.

We hope to begin construction in October and throw open our doors to the public in 2022. Your donation goes a long way toward making sure the experience of seeing a movie at the Grand Theatre never goes away and is bigger and better than ever. Make your donation today!

Help us bring our new seats to life in a GRAND way!